Hello, I’m LJ. I run the Youtube Channel – Blog Sprout. On this channel, I share with you my journey in building Niche Websites.

I started learning about blogging in the Summer of 2021. I was looking for an extra source of income that I could do online.

In the fall of 2021 I launched my first site in YMYL (your money your life) because I was very passionate about finances and budgeting. I came to realize fast that this niche was very competitive and saturated.

After learning this site would take some time to take off, I started my second site and posted the first article a couple days before the New Year of 2022.

I have been documenting my journey with this site through my monthly Income Reports.

I will be starting a new site soon which will be public so you can follow along with me on this journey.

LJ blog sprout portrait